The Montessori difference

Montessori equipmentMontessori and your child

The Montessori Method of Education is a worldwide educational approach for kindergarten, preschool, primary and secondary level.

This method has proved successful with children from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. There are many Montessori schools throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

When your child learns through the Montessori method they are receiving a unique educational experience.

Dr Montessori believed that children have an innate positive attitude towards learning. Find out more about how Maria Montessori developed her method.

In a Montessori kindergarten, there is a special atmosphere of cheerful orderliness, calmness and purposeful work. So the Montessori approach is child-centred but adult-guided. It is structured but free for learning, and emphasises basics in an enjoyable way.

Practical Life Activities develop basic personal and social skills. Sensorial Activities enhance and enlarge the child’s sense perceptions of the world. Language Activities start the child reading and writing. Mathematics Activities introduce counting and arithmetic. Cultural Activities expose the child to such fields of enquiry as history, geography, culture, anthropology, biology and the arts.

Montessori education leads to self-confident, independent and self-disciplined children who enjoy learning and who acquire a sound background for academic and creative skills and interests. Find out more about a child’s experience of the Montessori Children’s House.