Your child’s experience

CWPDSCN0013When your child attends the Montessori Children’s House, their experience is governed by our overarching vision of World Peace and our mission to nurture respect, curiosity and imagination; to inspire a passion for excellence; and to awaken the human spirit.
Each day, your child will be involved in a learning environment that:

  • focuses on the child, not the teacher
  • responds to and is prepared for their needs and interests, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development
  • focuses on respect for their individual progress and development
  • is free, within limits of appropriate behaviour determined by the staff and the children
  • is stress free where children learn to work in harmony with others
  • comprises a mixed-age group of children, where older children support the younger children and become role models
  • encourages learning as an individual, in a small group, or within the group as a whole
  • is staffed by responsive, conscientious, dedicated and well trained adults
  • welcomes participation of parents and other members of the community
  • recognises that children possess an intrinsic motivation to learn and to become independent and competent beings
  • enhances this motivation by the following modes of learning: learning through the use of materials; spontaneous learning; and, active discovery learning, and
  • is set in a beautiful environment comprising historical horse stables, surrounded by the natural environment.

Our learning environment provides children with age appropriate practical resources, from which they choose and use to learn.