How MCH is managed

About Montessori Children’s House Ltd

Montessori Children’s House Ltd is an incorporated company limited by guarantee. One member of each family becomes a company member once your child starts at MCH. (For existing parents, you may recall nominating which parent or guardian was to be the company member when you filled in your child’s enrolment package). As a company member, you have a vote in respect of any changes made to the company, such as changes to the Committee (which usually happens every year), any proposed changes to the Constitution and any extraordinary changes to the running of the Kindergarten.

For complete information regarding the operation of Montessori Children’s House Ltd please download the MCH Constitution.

The aims of the Montessori Children’s House are to:

  • deliver a high quality Montessori based kindergarten program
  • foster the development, growth and support of the Montessori style of education
  • encourage communication with all educationalists so that greater understanding may eventuate
  • emphasise the necessary commitment and support of parents to the centre, and
  • provide staff with the best possible conditions to undertake their educational role.

2018 Committee officeholders

President: Executive Amy Simpson
Vice President: Stephanie Cowie
Secretary: Executive  Elizabeth Reeve
Treasurer: Executive   Rob Beckman
Fundraising Co-ordinators: Elizabeth Reeve

Maintenance Officers: Matthew Wikman

Marketing and PR: Mark Puncher
Grants Officer: Carla Nolan