Children’s House Fee Schedule for 2021

Term Fees are due prior to commencement of each term. Fees will be invoiced during the last week of the previous Term, with the exception of Term 1.

One full term’s notice in writing is required for any child leaving MCH. If this is not possible, the withdrawal entitlement is at the discretion of management.

Enrolment Fee A non-refundable fee that accompanies the application for enrolment. $110
Confirmation Bond A refundable bond to accompany acceptance of placement offer. Refundable against final term’s fees. $540
Term Fees 5 days per fortnight, 8:30am-2:30pm invoiced each term and paid in advance.

(includes Admin Fee, Building Fund donation, Equipment & Sustainability Levy, Annual House Membership Fee and Montessori Australia Foundation School Membership Fee.)

per term
Annual General Roster Levy Only applicable if a roster is not carried out. Payable per family in Term 4 in lieu of participation in maintenance and/or fundraising activities. $110
per annum
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