Children’s House Groups and Sessions

Children attend in two multi-age groups (3 – 4½ years) with up to 22 children in each group. Children attend two or three days per week from 8.00am to 3.30pm.

Group A
2 days
Monday & Tuesday

8.00am – 3:30pm

3 days Monday – Wednesday

8.00am – 3:30pm

Group B
2 days
Thursday & Friday

8:00am – 3:30pm

3 days Wednesday – Friday

8:00am – 3:30pm

For Term, Session and holiday dates please see the calendar.

The centre offers places to children 3½ to 4½ years as a first priority. If there are any spaces left, then these are offered to children 3 to 3½ on the Waiting List.

Staff / Child Ratio

There are three Montessori trained staff to each group. These include a Director / teacher and two assistant teachers, one full-time and one part-time.

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