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A mother and her child at the Montessori Infants' House

Infants’ House

The Montessori Infants’ House offers a playgroup experience for you and your infant (0 – 3 years of age) to enjoy together. In this playgroup, children are offered specially designed environments to meet their mobility levels and specific developmental needs. Montessori guides assist you and your infant to move through activities free from the time constraints of the everyday. MIH provides you and your child an introduction to the Montessori Approach and a natural transition to the Children’s House.

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Counting at the Montessori Children's House

Children’s House

The Montessori Children’s House is a single unit Kindergarten facility. Children attend in two multi-age groups (3 – 5 years) with 22 children in each group. Children attend two or three days per week from 8.00am to 3.30pm. Independent effort is encouraged and protected, concentration is allowed to grow.

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Montessori Auchenflower

Our goal is to nurture respect, curiosity and imagination in children; to inspire their passion for excellence; and to awaken the human spirit. Our children become self-confident, independent, resilient and self-disciplined, who enjoy learning and who acquire a sound foundation for academic and creative skills and interests.

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Activities at the Infants' House

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