Montessori Children’s House Strategic Plan 2023



Our Vision

To provide a kindergarten program that nurtures respect, curiosity, and imagination; inspires a passion for excellence; and awakens the human spirit.


Our Method

We deliver a program and learning environment based on current best practice in early childhood education:

  • Underpinned by both the Montessori Method, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines
  • Child-centred, not teacher-centred
  • Responsive to and prepared for the needs and interests of the child, his/her social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.
  • Focused on respect for individual progress and development.
  • Freedom, within limits of appropriate behaviour discussed and guidelines determined by staff members and the children.
  • Stress free where children learn to work in harmony with others.
  • Composed of a mixed-age group, where older children support the younger children.
  • Staffed by responsive, conscientious, dedicated and well trained adults.
  • Welcoming the participation of parents and other members of the community.
  • We recognise that children possess an intrinsic motivation to learn and to become independent and competent beings. This motivation is enhanced by these modes of learning, through the use of materials, spontaneous, active discovery and intentional learning.

Our Values


Excellence – We have a commitment to high standards and strive to continuously improve our practice in adherence to our Montessori pedagogy and mission to nurture respect, curiosity and imagination and thus awaken the human spirit.

Inclusion – We aim to provide accessible kindergarten programs that support high standards for all children.

Diversity – We appreciate the diversity of our community and social and cultural acceptance and competence.

Collaboration – We build positive enduring relationships with children and families, our community and with one another based on honesty, trust, and respect.

Integrity – We always act with utmost integrity, are accountable for our actions and ensure effective and efficient use of resources.


Our Goals

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Deliver a high quality Montessori based kindergarten program. Promote excellence and innovation in early childhood education. Strengthen existing and facilitate new community partnerships. Create a positive and rewarding workplace for staff. Build a viable and sustainable kindergarten service.


Our Key Strategies

Implement the National Quality Framework and work towards achieving a rating of ‘exceeding the national quality standard’.


Embed the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and Montessori philosophy into practice.


Ensure the program is child centred, play based, stress free, spontaneous with relevant intentional teaching.



Share our knowledge and expertise with others.


Staff and committee to attend relevant professional development on early childhood innovation.


Ensure access to well maintained, authentic and high quality Montessori learning materials and environments


Conduct regular early childhood and Montessori method professional development and information evenings for staff and parents.


Maintain a well stocked lending library for parents for books on early childhood education and theory.

Connect families with each other and with local support services as needed.


Promote the value and contribution of our kindergarten (and our central governing body, Lady Gowrie Queensland) within our local community.


Support local businesses where possible in the engagement of services for the kindergarten.


Work closely with local schools to smooth the transition and promote continuity of learning.

Foster open and honest communication with the teaching team.


Promote a culture that recognises and rewards excellence.


Support staff learning, training and professional development through subsidies for specialised training workshops.


Ensure a safe and supportive work environment with appropriate and up-to-date facilities and technologies.


Undertake staff meetings 3 times a term for continuous reflection and planning.

Conduct annual performance reviews.



Ensure financial viability and sustainability.


Compile and implement annual budget and 3-5 year financial and infrastructure plans.


Ensure effective use and management of resources and facilities.


Take advantage of funding opportunities (e.g., Grants).


Ensure accountability through good governance, functional committee operation and committee transitions.


Minimise our environmental footprint.




Our Performance Indicators

Our service ‘exceeds the national quality standard’.


Positive parents and community feedback.


Number of families accessing our programs and resources on offer (e.g., enrolments and waitlist numbers).



Well established community partnerships.



Staff satisfaction and attrition.


Achieve personalised staff training and professional development programs for each staff member.

Achieve financial and infrastructural operating plan projections.


Strengthening of the centre’s financial position.




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